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  —⊕ He followed her out the door, reaching back and grabbing the handle as he peeked inside one last time, seeing Winston and Cy over by the couch, closing and locking the door behind him.  He was sure they would be fine, If anything Cy would just chill on top of the fridge. 

 Heading back down the stairs and over to the car, popping the trunk and tossing the bag down inside before shutting it again, and heading over and hopping back into the driver seat, waiting till she had gotten in, shifting the gear into drive and pulling away from the building.

 He only drove for maybe a short 15 minutes or so, just a little ways outside a part of town, going down a few more roads before pulling into a little open area.  There was a small building off to the side and in several other places spread out there were several separate fields all covered by a mesh tarp wall, having lots of objects and stuff dotting along them there were other people there too going about.  Pulling the car over and putting it into park. “Well here are.” He’d say glancing over before getting out of the car a slight smile on his face. By that time his phone had started to vibrate checking it and seeing it was Bubba trying to get ahold of him, hesitating a moment before putting the phone on silent and back in his pocket.  ”Sorry pal.” He muttered under his breath giving a slight sigh.  Moving around and grabbing out the duffle bag from the trunk, going through it abit and pulling out a mask that he handed over to Ral.  

 The moment he shut his trunk there was a slight yell from someone, turning abit to see who it was. 
 ”Alright it’s Jimmy!”  The shout came from a young boy who was running his way over, followed behind by a few other kids.  Couple had masks pulled up over their head, all of them wearing similar jersys and paintball gear. 
 ”Almost thought you weren’t gonna come.” 
 ”Yeah! What happened?!”
 ”We gonna go play now?!” They all started at once bombarding him with questions. 
  “Alright alright, yes yes, we’re gonna play don’t worry.  You guys been working on what I taught you last time?”   He’d ask, each of the kids nodding their heads, the masks almost falling down their face, and telling him they have.  One of the girls looking up over at Ral abit before saying out loud. 
 ”Who’s she Jimmy?”  The other kid’s attention going up to look between Ral and Jimmy as well.  

 ”She’s a special friend of mine, and is gonna be joining us today.” 
 ”Whoa, she’s got cool hair!” 
 ”Yeah, I want orange hair!” another yelled, and they all started getting excited again and talking aloud among themselves and asking more questions.  
 Jimmy getting them to calm down after a moment. 
“Alright, go get the rest of your stuff and be on the field in 10.” 
 The group taking off excitedly cheering about as they went to get the rest of their stuff.  Standing back up as he turned to glance over at Ral, to see her reaction to it, giving a half smirk and abit of a shrug. 
“So I started teaching paintball lessions.” 

—♜ Ral had always been uneasy around kids, having never interacted around them before at all. It was just her, she didn’t really know her sister Sarah that well before finding out Samuel Fisher was her father and that her sister was in fact her mother. Not really responding to the children at all, feeling even more uneasy when they started to talk about her hair as it if was the coolest thing ever. “Eh..heh…” was all she replied back, she wasn’t really dressed to do paintball or anything, but the clothes she wore would have to do. Wearing a long sleeved white buttoned up shirt, and black slacks, and black gloves. She’d had to take off her aviators before putting the mask, this was gonna be odd, but she would own all those kids on the semi-battlefield.

It was so unfair but so was life, she sighed a little bit and looked at Jimmy. “These kids don’t have a chance…I’m sorry but they’re about to get a real lesson….” She chuckled a little bit, before awaiting the gear to get from Jimmy, opting to not receive any other protective gear, but grabbed a paintball gun and loaded it up. This was the one secret the US government branch of the NSA didn’t tell anyone, is that they trained their agents with paintball inspired courses. She she’d had alot of previous experience with this whole thing, after Jimmy had geared up however she just chuckled closing the trunk and following him over to the group of kids. 

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